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Thank you for your interest in purchasing ChineseTA. Before making your order, please notice the following:

Editions: ChineseTA has three editions. ChineseTA Standard Edition can process texts in either simplified or traditional characters; ChineseTA Simplified Character Edition can only process texts which are originally in simplified characters; ChineseTA Traditional Character Edition can only process texts which are originally in traditional characters. However, the three editions all provide simplified and traditional character contrast in word and character lists as well as lesson texts.

Download: After making your order online, you will receive an email with instruction files and the registration code(s) from us. Following the instructions to download and install ChineseTA on your computer, and keep your registration code(s) safely. The total size of the software is about 45mb.

Basic System Requirements: The updated ChineseTA1.2 is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, and it needs free hard disk space of about 200MB, with memory of about 128MB. ChineseTA for Mac systems is not available yet.

Installation: Follow the instructions given on the User Guide to install. Internet access is required for activation of the software while installation. One copy of ChineseTA can only be installed on one computer (It is fine to remove the software (via control panel) from one computer and then re-install it on another one. In order to keep the activation code valid for re-installation, Internet access is also required when removing it).

Multi-user Pack Discounts: Discount is available if purchase a multi-user pack.

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