Expert Comments on ChineseTA™

Tao-chung Yao Chaofen Sun Ying-che Li

Tianwei Xie

Hongyin Tao

Jing-hua Yin

Tao-chung Yao (Professor of Chinese, University of Hawaii): "I have been longing for software like ChineseTA for a long time. ChineseTA has many features that help teachers prepare, organize and analyze teaching materials. With ChineseTA, tasks that used to take me several days to finish can now be completed in just a few seconds. ChineseTA is not just a Chinese 'Teaching Assistant'; soon it will be known as something that every Chinese 'Teacher Admires.'"

Chaofen Sun (Associate Professor of Chinese, Stanford University): "The ChineseTA software should be renamed as ¡®Chinese Professor.' It can do so many useful things for Chinese teachers, and it does them all so well!¡±

Ying-che Li (Professor of Chinese, University of Hawaii): "Time is money. Time is better saved for your creativity. Chinese TA saves you tremendous time, with its many creative time-saving devices and automatic generations of:

Annotation of words and characters,
Building of word association,
Conversion and romanization of characters,
Distribution and density of words,
Evaluation of word-usefulness,
Frequency of word-usage,
Guide to word-recycling interval,
HSK's word-ranking index,
Identification of new words in text,
Juxtaposition of Pinyin and characters in text,
And more.

All these are life-saving functions to your everyday preparation of lessons. I am sure that any Chinese program around the world will benefit from having at least one Chinese TA. This TA will save your TA's and yourself many hours on the computer everyday. The University of Hawaii has already bought its first Chinese TA, and I highly recommend it."

Tianwei Xie (Associate Professor of Chinese, California State University, Long Beach): "I have seen an ad saying: 'One phone call arranges all' and I think that Chinese TA is the software for Chinese language teachers who can 'type once and get all at once.' It means that, when you type (or import) a text in simplified (or traditional) characters, you will get, almost instantaneously, all what you need: the traditional (or simplified) character version, the Pinyin text, the vocabulary list and the character list with all information you may need for preparing your teaching materials.'

Hongyin Tao (Associate Professor of Chinese, UCLA): ChineseTA is amazing. It is designed by Chinese teachers and for Chinese teachers. It is blazing fast: Multiple teaching preparation jobs can be done on the fly. You have to experience it to believe it. Certainly one of the best Chinese teaching tools I have ever tried.

Jing-hua Yin
(Assistant Professor of Chinese, University of Vermont): ChineseTA is revolutionary. It liberates Chinese language teachers from the toil of putting together vocabulary lists for teaching materials. It is a dream that has come true for Chinese textbook compilers. It, in fact, proclaims a new era of Chinese language teaching materials development. Compilation of textbooks and preparation of reading passages will never be the same. The integrity and suitability of a textbook or a series of readers for Chinese language learners will be questioned if ChineseTA is not used.

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