ChineseTA™ is an integrated computer software program. It enables Chinese teachers to create, adjust, and evaluate their teaching materials more efficiently to adapt to the needs of their students. With an easy-to-use computer interface, it automatically completes many tasks involved in the preparation of instructional materials. ChineseTA™ not only saves a lot of time for Chinese teachers but also helps them improve the quality of their teaching materials in many ways. ChineseTA™ 1.1 has the following features:

1. Add pinyin to characters

2. Identify new words and characters

3. Generate word and character lists with annotations

4. Translate between simplified and traditional Chinese characters

5. Index word and character distribution

6. Calculate frequency of word and character usage

7. Demonstrate new word density and recycling rate

8. Mark HSK ranks and ˇ°usefulness indexˇ± for words and characters

9. Build new word and known word connections for efficient learning

10. Add word annotation in texts

11. And more



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